Our Preconstruction department is a small group of industry veterans with decades of experience. True to its name, Preconstruction is all about the preparation of a pre-operational plan.  We at AAT develop an early, detailed plan and schedule to be sure we have adequate available resources when the time comes to perform.

You will enjoy working with our Preconstruction Team as most find us to be a resourceful, accommodating group of individuals who will endeavor to arrive at the design intent in the most code compliant, competitive manner possible.


Due to our decades-long history in the area and reputation for successful, on-time completions, we are often invited for early participation as a Design Assist partner.  In this role, we help trend early schematic designs into constructible, budget-maintained projects while preserving as much of the initial architectural style, performance goals and schedule as possible.  We are grateful to the local design & construction community for continuing to involve AAT in this capacity.


With a  Professional Engineer owner-operator, it’s easily understood why Architectural Aluminum Techniques is an Engineering-forward Company.  Our culture is one bred with Excellence in Execution.  In order to execute with the greatest result, a well-formulated plan is developed in our Engineering Department.  Engineering is tasked with Document Control, AutoCAD drafting, Revit Coordination, BIM model-based collaboration, BOM Optimization, CNC Programming, Product Development and Testing.  Engineering is a crucial department in our Operation lending reinforcement to every department in every phase from Project Development to Close-out.


Our Operations Department is responsible for Shop, Field and Logistics personnel and equipment. Our Operations Manager is responsible for our factory quality control program, factory audits, random testing/sampling, oversight of field QC reports, continuing education, update and modify project schedule and develop/update our successful Safety Program.  AAT’s Safety program and implementation has consistently resulted in the lowest Rate Modifiers possible for our Trade.  AAT has never been the cause of a significant jobsite delay in our history.  We like to attribute this to a well-executed, thoughtful plan.