1982, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Sunil Tarneja, a Mechanical Engineer and Business professional joins his father’s Steel Window and Door manufacturing company, C.T. Windows.  Mired in high energy costs, a deep recession and an ongoing oil crisis, Canada’s construction products were quickly trending toward energy efficient, sustainable design and performance. Helping his father grow his business proved to be difficult when he quickly realized their product line was quickly becoming boutique and stale.  Even more difficult was convincing his father of taking on the risk of developing unfamiliar materials and methods; Extruded Aluminum thermally broken products.
With significant investment and risk, Sunil and his father Chand developed the products that would take them to greater heights and help them stay current.  Their Aluminum windows, skylights and sloped glazing were a hit, however they had a new crisis to overcome; identity.


C.T. Windows was known as a steel window manufacturer.  Sunil and Chand realized they would need a new brand to help propel their business with a recognizable, yet new identity.  Further, with Sunil’s added business acumen, they found themselves often taking installation contracts direct.  With this added element and impetus, Architectural Aluminum Techniques was born.

1992, Orlando, Florida
Canada’s recession is deepening.  However, the U.S., specifically the Southeast region, was experiencing a robust construction market.  It was in this year, Architectural Aluminum Techniques began in this city.  Focusing on commercial projects with a targeted business plan of Entertainment and Educational segments, AAT enjoyed a respectable backlog of glazing projects.


Known for successfully completing projects on time and at a competitive rate, their good reputation grew with a repeat client base to this day.  AAT has grown to a well-respected glass and glazing contractor who has the skill, craftsmanship and business acumen to be a trusted partner on every project.  Their decades-long experience in Central Florida, and sound advice with intuitive solutions have earned them a seat at many Design Assist and Integrated Project Delivery tables.


From their humble beginnings in rental space to their current, several acre lot and warehouse, overhead cranes, mobile crane and mobile lab equipment, AAT has become known as one of Central Florida’s most sophisticated and well-respected glazing contractors.  You will have confidence including them as a trusted partner at your next challenging glazing project.